1. What are your glasses made with? All glasses are made with permanent adhesive vinyl.
    2. How do you take care of glasses to get the most use out of them? My best advice is to hand wash your glasses with care! Even though the material we use is permanent, I would not consider it to be dishwasher safe. Do not soak. Air dry to increase longevity. We have glasses from 2+ years ago that are still holding up perfectly!
    3. How do custom orders work? If you would like to place a custom order, it would have to be through DM in instagram (instagram.com/fontsandknots). Each custom order process is pretty similar. The customer would send me an inspo picture and from there, we would be in contact until we have a design made that the customer can truly say they love and are happy with, however, it will not be an exact replica of any other creators custom designs. One more thing to remember is that custom orders have a turnaround time of 2 weeks from the time of purchase.
    4. What if I need my custom order sooner? So long as we have the items we need to make within the timeframe you request, we offer a "rush my order" option for an additional cost. This option can be found in the footer menu at the bottom of this website. You would just need to add the "Rush My Order" option to your cart and that's it!